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Couples Need a Roadmap

The Couple Recovery Development Approach, created by Dr. Robert Navarra, is based on his research on couple recovery spanning over 15 years. The Gottman research on predictors for happy and healthy relationships provides direction to establish a path to heal and strengthen relationships.

Integrating the two models provides a direction for recovering couples in establishing, or reestablishing healthy relationship behaviors that also include issues related specifically to couples impacted by problematic substance use or behavioral compulsions. These strategies help couples lean the right way in finding their recovery path.

Finding Direction

Couple recovery is an emerging concept in addiction treatment

Finding Support

Couples need support in bringing recovery into their relationship

working Together

Couples may feel confused or even overwhelmed when thinking about addressing recovery in their relationship. Sometime fears center on concerns about the ability to keep boundaries and not lose focus on individual health and recovery concerns.This is understandable, with problematic substance or behavioral use or compulsive behaviors individual needs get lost.

The key to healthy boundaries starts with understanding the difference between “codependency” and “interdependency”. While codependency patterns involve control and silenced emotions and needs, in interdependent relationships both partners are able to express thoughts, feelings, and needs.

True or False?

Partners should

avoid any couple work in early recovery


There is no research to support the idea to avoid couple work in early recovery
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True or False?


confirms that good relationships predict long-term recovery


An 8-year study showed that healthy couple and extend family relationships are one of the biggest predictors of successful long-term recovery
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Is there a roadmap

to help couples put the pieces together?


There is a direction couples can take


Couple recovery refers to a focus on each partners own health and recovery, as well as relationship recovery from the impact of an addictive disorder. By focusing on what is healthy for each individual, and what is healthy for the  relationship partners learn to talk about the impact from the disorder as well as develop a path for going forward.

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What is New?

1. Are changes in your relationship not happening fast enough, and there pressing issues you would like to get to?

Consider Marathon Couples Therapy, an alternative to traditional weekly sessions providing 12-15 hours of intensive couples therapy over  two or three consecutive days.     

2. What is Marathon Couples Therapy?

Marathon Couples Therapy is an alternative to traditional weekly therapy sessions providing 10-15 hours of intensive couples work over two or three consecutive days. This allows couples time to address important issues and can provide momentum for change. Couples often travel from out of the area for this specialized work

3. What happens in Marathon Couples Therapy?

After an interview, if this approach is a match we begin with an assessment specifically designed for couples impacted by addiction. Assessment typically takes 2-3 hours and involves partners completing a research-based online confidential questionnaire, conjoint and individual interviews, and integrates each partner's concerns and goals. The therapy interventions targets those areas.  

4. What happens after the Marathon sessions?

Couples will receive recommendations for any additional individual or couple work, a follow-up  consultation session, and if you are currently seeing a couples therapist and both partners agree, a 50 minute consultation with the therapist and review of the work is provided.    

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Couple Recovery Theory and Gottman Research: A Perfect Recipe

It has been a remarkable journey. I developed the Couple Recovery Development Approach (CRDA) in 2002 for my doctoral dissertation on couples in long-term recovery. The model is based on my research from the Family Recovery Project housed at Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California.

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